Teaching Experience

2009  Vertebrate Biology (NR 655), University of New Hampshire
2007 Introduction to Conservation Biology (BIO 105), Moberly Area Community College, Columbia, MO

Teaching Assistant
2007, 2009      Wildlife Techniques (NR 646), University of New Hampshire
2008              Conservation Biology (NR 650), University of New Hampshire

2008-2010       Sociology Statistics (Soc 502), University of New Hampshire
2010            Freshwater Resources (NR 504), University of New Hampshire
2009            Contemporary Conservation Issues (NR 435), University of New Hampshire

Senior Environmental Intern
2003-2004       Audubon MD-DC Sanctuary, Bozman, MD
I taught and designed environmental education programs for ages three to adult.  These programs included in-school classroom activities, after school clubs, school field trips, and public programs on the Audubon Sanctuary.  I also helped maintain displays at the nature center and acted as an interpreter for visitors.  Finally, I engaged public volunteers in a program to monitor amphibian populations on the sanctuary.

2001-2002        Seacoast Science Center, Rye, NH
As a naturalist, I led elementary through college class field trips to the Science Center.  My programs involved a short lesson on rocky shore ecology followed by hands-on exploration of the rocky shore tide pools at The Center.  I concluded each program with an investigation of our live displays and a session of interactive synthesis about rocky shore ecology.


While a graduate student I have advised numerous undergraduates on independent research projects.  Mentoring has been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of my time as a graduate student.  I believe in the importance of interactive education and the utility of research as a teaching mechanism.  Having ownership in a project engages students to think more deeply about a subject and forces them to make intertextual connections.  Below is a list of students that I have helped advise with their respective projects.

Elizabeth Willey, University of New Hampshire Undergraduate, 2008, Effects of fragmentation on plethodontid salamanders in New Hampshire.

Erik McDonald, University of Missouri Undergraduate, 2006 – 2007, Effects of experimental timber harvest on terrestrial amphibians and reptiles.

Allison Barlows, University of Missouri Undergraduate, 2006 – 2007, The effects of shade and odonate predators on the performance of gray treefrog tadpoles and juveniles.

Rachel Sinnot and Christina Wakeman, U. of Missouri Undergraduates, 2005-2007, Analysis of amphibian population age structure using skeletochronology.

Rachel Mahan, University of Missouri Undergraduate, 2005-2006, Forest management effects on the breeding site selection of treefrogs in the Southeastern U.S.