Learning results from what the student does and thinks and only from what the student does and thinks. The teacher can advance learning only by influencing what the student does to learn.

Herbert A. Simon


Teaching Coursework – part of Cognate in College Teaching
Introduction to College Teaching (LSA 900)
Issues in College Teaching (GRAD 950)
Teaching with Writing (GRAD 951)
Independent Study: Teaching and the Public Understanding of Science (GRAD 995)
College Teaching Praxis (GRAD 990)

Mozilla Software Carpentry

Training for teaching fundamentals of scientific programming to scientists. More information at http://software-carpentry.org/.

Memberships and Activities
Preparing Future Faculty Program Participant, University of New Hampshire
Cognate in College Teaching, Candidate, UNH Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Chronicle of Higher Education


Philosophy and Objectives
My goal as a teacher is to facilitate student learning using a variety of pedagogical methodologies. It is important that my students use critical thinking skills to apply and evaluate course material and not simply memorize material I present. Fundamentally, students need to show recognition and recall of information, and articulate comprehension through oral and written assignments. From this basic understanding, I emphasize application of the material to other practical problems. Besides being a desirable general skill, application is an important part of critical thinking for students wishing to become practitioners in a related field. Students must be able to connect information at these levels from multiple disciplines in today’s increasingly global environment. I hope to use my teachings as a model for active, thoughtful citizenship, encouraging my students to expand their perspectives of the world through diverse interactions and interdisciplinary curricula. I do this, in part, through facilitation of an active learning environment with frequent feedback and emphasis on oral and written communication skills.

2009 Vertebrate Biology (NR 655), University of New Hampshire
2007 Introduction to Conservation Biology (BIO 105), Moberly Area Community College, Columbia, MO

Teaching Assistant
2007, 2009 Wildlife Techniques (NR 646), University of New Hampshire
2008 Conservation Biology (NR 650), University of New Hampshire

2008-2010 Sociology Statistics (Soc 502), University of New Hampshire
2010 Introductory Biology (Bio 412), University of New Hampshire
2010 Freshwater Resources (NR 504), University of New Hampshire
2009 Contemporary Conservation Issues (NR 435), University of New Hampshire

Environmental Education
2003-2004 Senior Environmental Intern, Audubon MD-DC, Bozman, MD
2001-2002 Naturalist/Interpreter, Seacoast Science Center, Rye, NH

Student Mentoring
I have mentored 10 undergraduate students on independent research projects (6 women, 4 men), including multiple first generation college students and one U.S. Army Veteran.