New Position

I’m excited to announce that I have accepted an assistant professor position in the Department of Biology at Frostburg State University in western Maryland. The job title is actually Quantitative Herpetologist. As a friend pointed out, I may officially be the only person on earth with that job title. I will be teaching Ecology, Herpetology, and developing a statistics/quantitative methods course (grad/undergrad). So basically, the three course I would choose given any options. Frostburg State offers Master’s degrees in Applied Ecology and Conservation Biology and in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology, so I will hopefully be recruiting a grad student next year.

From my visit, I was pretty excited about the faculty I’d be working with and the classes I’d be teaching, but it’s also a great location for my research. There are a huge amount of conservation land in the area and good amphibian diversity in this Ridge and Valley region of the Appalachian Mountains (refer to one of my favorite books, “Mountains of the Heart: A Natural History of the Appalachians“). It’s also within 2 hours of major cities for urban-rural gradient research and for play, and there’s agriculture, wind power plants, and mining/fracking in the area providing great venues for research. I’m excited to move on to new challenges and opportunities while maintaining the great collaborations I’ve formed over the past few years.

I have also set up a new lab webpage:

Now I just have to work on my pronunciation of Appalachians so I don’t give myself away as a northerner.


3 thoughts on “New Position

  1. Congrats on your faculty position!

    Re: pronunciation, my wife has trained me to imagine offering someone an apple with an outstretched arm: i.e. “here’s an apple atch’ya”

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