New Paper: Modeling Daily Stream Temperature

Our paper, “A hierarchical model of daily stream temperature using air-water temperature synchronization, autocorrelation, and time lags” was just published today in the journal PeerJ. We developed a statistical model of daily stream temperature for a watershed in Western Massachusetts, USA.


Observed (blue) and predicted (red) temperatures compared to air temperature (black points).

We outline the major challenges of statistical stream modeling and show how our model addresses hysteresis, autocorrelations, time lags, and avoids problems of modeling winter temperatures when the air-water relationships do not exist because of phase changes and the lower limit of water temperature. Daily stream temperature models have potential use in regulations (protection levels based on thermal classifications) and in understanding the ecology of stream organisms.

If you aren’t familiar with PeerJ you should check them out. The provide open access peer-reviewed articles for a low price. Their review process is very fast and it is the most pleasurable experience you will ever have submitting a manuscript, pre-print, or review. Check out some reviews here.



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