In Praise of Exploratory Statistics

In Praise of Exploratory Statistics

If you haven’t seen it, you should definitely check out the latest post by Brian McGill at Dynamic Ecology. It’s a great post on the use of exporatory statistics. While it may be impossible to get an NSF grant with an analysis framed in terms of exploratory statistics, reviewers should definitely be more open to their appropriate use. Is is wrong to force authors to frame exploratory analyses in a hypothetico-deductive framework after the fact. Brian suggests that there are three forms of scientific analysis:

  1. Hypothesis testing
  2. Prediction
  3. Exploratory

and only one of these can be used for a single data set. My favorite quote is,

“If exploratory statistics weren’t treated like the crazy uncle nobody wants to talk about and everybody is embarrassed to admit being related to, science would be much better off.”

There’s lots of good stuff in his post, so I recommend spending 10 minutes of your day to read through it.


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