ESA Meeting 2013

Ecological Society of America logo

Ecological Society of America logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I head out for the annual Ecological Society of America (ESA) meeting in Minneapolis in less than a week. I finished my poster today and will get it printed tomorrow. I also just went through the online meeting scheduler, so I am getting exciting.

I am going early to participate in two full day workshops. The first is Python for Ecologists (why Python) and the second is the Software Carpentry workshop. I’m quite excited about both. It will be nice to add some tools to the toolbox and have some time devoted to just playing with my computer and with some data.

I am presenting on Friday morning August 9th (last day of the conference) at the late-breaking poster session. My poster is on the use of a non-linear hierarchical model to estimate salamander abundance over an ecotone (clearcut-forest), while accounting for imperfect detection. Although it’s the last morning, hopefully I’ll still have people stop by to talk. Getting to meet with people and begin a dialog about research is one of the reasons I tend to like presenting posters more than talks. If you can’t make it to my poster I will be sure to deposit my poster on Figshare or a similar site and link to it from my blog [UPDATE: Poster Archived Here:].

I will also be distributing surveys at the meeting. I recently wrote a paper about the influence of ecology journals as determined by various citation-based metrics. The paper isn’t published yet and I don’t want to bias my survey by linking to the preprint yet, but I will post more about that soon. Now, I am conducting a survey to examine how well various metrics reflect the opinions of ecologists with regards to journal influence and quality. As I said, I will have paper copies at ESA, but if you want to take the survey online you can find it here. It is anonymous and the procedures have been approved by the University of New Hampshire Institutional Review Board.

Despite the lack of WiFi in the conference meeting rooms, I hope to use my phone to tweet about talks I attend. It can be useful since we can’t all attend every talk. It was interesting to see some of the highlights of the recent Conservation Biology meeting and the Rana Virus meeting via twitter even though I couldn’t attend the conferences. I’ll also post and tweet some useful tricks I learn at my workshops. If you’re interested you can follow me on twitter @djhocking

I won’t bore you with the list of all the talks I plan to attend, but I am excited about presentations by the weecology group. They do some really neat stuff relating to community ecology, macroecology, quantitative methods, programming, and open science advocacy. They have a great blog and you can find the list of their presentations at ESA here.


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